Accessibility and Inclusion

The AAG works to create an Annual Meeting that is accessible to all. This includes reasonable accommodations as specified by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). AAG and its conference venues ensure mobility access within all session and conference rooms.

An accommodation request form is available below and also here. Please make accommodations requests no later than one month prior to the meeting, if possible. This provides both the AAG and its contracted facilities lead time for ensuring optimal access, e.g. contracting with sign language interpreters. 

Please direct all queries to

Annual Meeting App

The Annual Meeting App is compatible with built-in iPhone and Android text to talk functions.

Fragrance-Free Environment

AAG asks that all attendees minimize their use of scented products to be respectful to those with allergies and environmental sensitivities.

All Gender Restrooms

Annual Meeting hotels will have designated all-gender restroom facilities. These restroom facilities will be marked and are available for use by all persons, regardless of their gender identity.


CAMP AAG will offer age-appropriate activities for children ranging from 6 months to 17 years of age (separated into age-appropriate groups) including curriculum-enriched, hands-on, creative activities, arts & crafts projects, active games, and more. CAMP AAG is also open to children with disabilities. ACCENT will staff CAMP AAG with teacher professional child care providers who have completed ACCENT’s specialized training program. In addition, ACCENT’s onsite supervisors are CPR and Pediatric First Aid certified.

Quiet Room

A designated room will be provided for attendees seeking a secluded space free from the sounds and activity of the annual meeting. Please silence your devices and refrain from talking on cell phones within this area. This room will be located in the Sandstone Room, 4th Floor, Hyatt.

Lactation Room

AAG has designated a room for parents with lactation needs. This private space is located in the Savoy Room, Majestic Level, IM Pei Tower, Sheraton.

Wheelchair and Scooter Rentals 

Aspen Medical Supply

Phone: 720-322-0101
What: Wheelchairs, electric scooters, vans, other assistive equipment and medical supplies
Rental Minimum: 1 day wheelchairs, 3 days scooters


Colorado Lifestyle Medical

Phone: 303-988-4875
What: Standard/electric wheelchairs and electric scooters available for rental
Rental Minimum: 1 week standard wheelchairs and scooters, 1 month electric wheelchair       


Mountain View Medical Center

Phone: 303-455-1300
What: Standard wheelchairs, walkers, knee cruisers, ramps
Rental Minimum: 1 day


Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals

Phone: 1-800-456-1371
What: Accessible vans and standard/electric scooters