The Changing North American Continent

This theme examines how the land and people have been transformed from pre-history through history. A meeting in Denver, the capital city of the US West, allows us to focus specifically on the transformation of the western landscape, the effects of climate change, indigenous rights, new immigrant geographies of the West, the perils to our ecosystems, water scarcity and distribution, the West as a social laboratory, and other related aspects. We seek papers and other forums that address these topics and that otherwise fit within this broad rubric.

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Please direct all theme-related queries to ChangingNAmericanContinent_theme@aag.org. Theme participants are encouraged to share via social media using the hashtags #aagDENVER.

Yolonda Youngs, Idaho State University
Maria Lane, University of New Mexico
Glen MacDonald, UCLA
Geoffrey Buckley, Ohio University
Patrick Lawrence, University of Toledo
James Meacham, University of Oregon
Jenni Vanos, Arizona State University
Emily Skop, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Brandon Vogt, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs