Organize a Field Trip or Workshop

The AAG is currently seeking field trip and workshop ideas for the upcoming AAG Annual Meeting. Field trips and workshops are an excellent way for participants to learn about different areas of geography in an interactive environment. 

Proposals should be submitted by November 20 though late submissions will also be considered.

Anyone interested in organizing a field trip or workshop for the Annual Meeting may contact Samantha Freeman at 703-964-1240 x310 or for assistance or more information.

Sponsored Workshops

Workshops organized by AAG members for the benefit of AAG meeting attendees may be organized at no cost. Groups seeking to sponsor a workshop for meeting attendees are more than welcome to do so at the following rates:

Half Day Workshop Sponsorship: $2,500
Full Day Workshop Sponsorship: $5,000
Host a half-day or full-day workshop to introduce your product or service to AAG attendees on a relevant topic. Any costs associated with speakers, food and beverage, and audiovisual equipment are the responsibility of the host company. The host is also responsible for onsite registration and logistics. This is a premier opportunity to have dedicated and focused time with the AAG attendees.

Sponsorship Includes:
· Full or Half Day Space to accommodate up to 100 attendees
· Signage
· Registration bag insert
· Listing in Geogram
· App Alert

Groups interested in organizing sponsored workshops for the Annual Meeting should contact Samantha Freeman at 703-964-1240 x310 ( or Oscar Larson at 202-234-1450 x1136 ( for more information.

NOTE: In keeping with the AAG's effort to promote the fair and equal treatment of members, field trips organized by AAG members or specialty groups at the Annual Meeting will, as a rule, be open to all members. In instances where a member or specialty group wishes to organize a field trip that explicitly excludes any group of AAG members, the organizer will petition the AAG Council for an exception to this policy by the date when field trip proposals are due. If Council grants the exception, notice will be given in the AAG Newsletter, along with an explanation of the reason for the exception. Please keep this rule of open access in mind as you organize your field trip.