Expanding the Community of Geography

This theme looks at how we can increase the active participation of geographers, at the AAG and elsewhere, who may have otherwise felt excluded, moved away from geography as a discipline, or may not realize their kinship with geography. One factor of this exclusion lies with geographers who work in often underrepresented institutions. This includes stand-alone geographers, community college stakeholders, those who work and study at Historically Black and Tribal institutions, and geographers who work outside of the academy. Most people who go on to get a Masters or Ph.D. in geography do not end up working as academics. They may have drifted away from the AAG, and we need to find ways to increase their contribution and interest in our society. As part of this theme, we seek papers and other forums that involve coping with limited resources, enhancing geography at minority serving institutions, community engagement, outreach to geographers beyond the academy, alternative ways of knowing, fostering interaction among stand-alone geographers, and many other related aspects.

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Please direct all theme-related queries to ExpandingGeography_Theme@aag.org. Theme participants are encouraged to share via social media using the hashtags #aagDENVER.

Mike DeVivo, Grand Rapids Community College, Mich.
Jacquie Housel, Sinclair Community College, Dayton, Ohio
David Padgett, Tennessee State University
Nicole Reiz, University of Kansas
Weronika Kusek, Northern Michigan University
Patricia Solis, Arizona State University
Qihao Weng, Indiana State University
Angeline Johnson, University of Toledo (grad)
Joseph Kerski, ESRI
Guntram Herb, Middlebury College
Amanda Rees, Columbus State University
Heather McAfee, Clark College, Vancouver, Wash.